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Exploring WEB 3.0 | sidtechsid.eth | Everything about ENS Domains

Siddhant Jain
Siddhant Jain
WHY WEB 3.0?
While I invested first in a Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin) back in 2020, on 1st January 2022 I decided to get deep into the whole Web 3.0 world.
To be honest it was more to do the FOMO than anything else. But I like to invest in things to learn more about them rather than just reading out a blog or watching a YouTube video.
Also, while I am still figuring out the other Web 3.0 stuff, having your own Ethereum domain (sidtechsid.eth) caught my attention as I can see how it would be valuable in the future.
First of all, to get your own ENS domain, you need to buy Ethereum cryptocurrency. There are a lot of exchanges via which you can buy Ethereum but CoinDCX is one of the few that lets you transfer (important for the next steps) the currency easily.
Then you need to set up a wallet wherein you will store your Ethereum securely and make purchases via it. Metamask is my wallet of choice and it let’s easily transfer your ETH from CoinDCX.
CoinDCX will charge 0.004 ETH to transfer currency to Metmask, therefore it is advisable that you transfer the maximum amount you can in one go.
Now that you have the currency and the wallet, it is time for you to buy your own ETH domain.
Search for the name your want, for example, sidtechsid.eth
If it is available, click on register to buy the domain.
Make sure to check out the GAS fee at that time, don’t buy at night as the GAS fees are really high.
You can keep a track of GAS fees here:
To explore the Web 3.0 world, I will be buying my first NFT (Non-Fungible Token) this week. And as usual, will be noting down my learnings and sharing them with you all.
I will be blogging about my WEB 3.0 on my website:
Stay Tuned
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Siddhant Jain
Siddhant Jain @sidtechsid

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